About Us

We are RPM Group India, started in 2012 with just one goal in mind; to take the advertising world by a storm which we did and so much more over our long journey.

Today, we operate on 4 verticals under RPM Group India, RPM Advertise, RPM Garba Dresses, RPM Blogs and The Virgin Blogs with a team of 11 core members and more than 50+ associates. We operate in many cities of India, as well as internationally in some major countries, like, Canada, USA, Atlantica and Dubai.

RPM Advertise is one of our first venture, which was basically advertising brands and products with the help of roadways, hence the name, Roadways Promotion Media. But over time, we started including all other forms of media as well, including and not limited to, social media, radio, television, etc. We have served and promoted for over 2000 clients, both national and international, covering a range of sectors; FMCG, Hospitals, Hotels, Stores, Schools, Colleges, Liquor Industry you name it, we have worked with them all. Over time, we decided to include event planning to our advertising portfolio and so far, have hosted over 100+ events, school and college events, Holi party, club parties, as well as corporate events; our expertise covers all avenues.

Seeing the rise of Garba and how enthusiastically people participate in such events, we decided to branch out to renting Garba dresses. Though it is a seasonal venture, we can happily say that our decision proved to be quite fruitful.

We panned out to have our own online presence in the form of a website, The Virgin Blogs, to show the best and the current news to the masses. Our main aim is to have a single platform where anyone can come and be updated with all the latest news and with the abundance of negativity all around, we wanted to present mostly positive news to our readers.

We are a news web portal bringing you all breaking local, national, and global news. We are a one-stop news portal where we present a better understanding of the world we are in, to all our readers. Our aim is to provide quality content on trending topics so you can be more aware of what’s going on around.